Friday, 26 April 2013

Queer Impact and Practices

Queering Paradigms III: Queer Impacts and Practices is a new collection edited by Liz Morrish (co-edited with Kathleen O'Mara of SUNY Oneonta) which will be published soon by Peter Lang.

Their book brings together chapters arising from the third annual Queering Paradigms conference. Queer Theory is still evolving and extending the range of its enquiry. It maps out new territories via radical contestations of the categories of gender and sexuality. This approach de-centers assumptions of heteronormativity, but at the same time critiques a new homonormativity. 

In this collection, Liz and Kathleen incorporate the work of queer theorists and queer activists who are seeking new boundaries to cross, and new disciplines and social relations to queer. The sections of this book interrogate the impact of Queer Theory in studies of culture, nationalism, ethnography, intimacy, the social sciences as well as activism. Chapters address contemporary theorizing about gay citizenship and ‘homonationalism’ as well as a critique of gay visibility. Authors examine the symbolics of queer subversion and transgression in performers who transgress gender and sexuality codes. Queer activists extend their analysis into the world of punk, Buddhist religious teaching and Native Studies. Recent work attempts to transform several disciplines within the social sciences: linguistics, psychology, and ethnography.  Their book aims to demonstrate that Queer Theory, as well as being a disposition, is now deployed by many researchers as a legitimate framework of analysis which questions many of the categories, constructs and relationships we encounter in twenty-first century society.


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