Sexuality and Queer Theory

Liz Morrish has published on the discursive construction of sexual identity, and on homophobic language. Her work is based on linguistic evidence from a number of different sources, including corpora of erotica, coming out stories, conversations, public discourse and representations of gays and lesbians in the media. A further research theme examines the discursive limits of ‘equality’ in higher education settings. A current research project, with policy implications, looks at the erasure of gay, lesbian and queer subjects from university diversity statements.
Selected Publications 
Gender and Sexuality: The Discursive Limits of ‘Equality’ in Higher Education (with Helen Sauntson), Introduction to LATISS Special issue on: Gender and sexuality: the discursive limits of ‘equality’ in higher education. 3 (2), 1-18, 2010
'Glass Half Full or Half Empty’?: A Comparison of Diversity Statements among Russell group UK vs US Research Universities (with Kathleen O'Mara), International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, 10.3. 243-260, 2010.
Situating and Resisting Homophobic Discourse: Response to Leap, Junge, Peterson and Provencher, Gender and Language. 4.2. 323-335, 2010.
Sauntson, Helen and Morrish, Liz. 2011.Discourse and identity in a corpus of lesbian erotica. Journal of Lesbian Studies. 15.1. 122-139. ISSN: 1089-4160
Morrish, Liz and. O’Mara, Kathleen. 2011.Queering the discourse of diversity. Journal of Homosexuality. 58. 6-7. 974-990. Special Issue – Language Matters. (Leap, W. and Provencher, D. eds.). ISSN: 0091-8369
Liz Morrish and Helen Sauntson. (2007). New Perspectives on Language and Sexual Identity. Palgrave. 

Gary Needham’s research is focused on sexuality in relation to the frameworks of queer theory and gay and lesbian studies. He has a particular interest in the production and reception of sexuality in film and television and how queerness is made meaningful in popular culture. 
Selected Publications 
'TransAmerica: The Road to the Multiplex after New Queer Cinema' in Hilary Radner and Rebecca Stringer (eds) Feminism at the Movies: Understanding Gender in Contemporary Popular Culture. New York: Routledge, 2011
Brokeback Mountain, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2010 
Queer TV: Histories, Theories, Politics (with Glyn Davis) London and New York: Routledge, 2009 
‘Closer than ever: French Cinema and the male body in close-up’ in Santiago Fouz-Hernandez (ed). Mysterious Skin: The Male Body in Global Cinema London: I.B. Tauris, 2009.
‘All That Diaspora Allows: film between queer and diaspora’ (2007) in Myria Georgiou and Olga Guedes-Bailey (eds.) Transnational Lives and the Media. London: Palgrave, 2007.  

Hongwei Bao’s research primarily focuses on the use of media in China’s queer community. Combining historical analysis, discourse analysis, textual analysis and ethnography, he contributes to (1) postcolonial critiques of Western theories of gender, sexuality and identity and 2) an exploration of the postsocialist cultural politics as well as the gendering and queering of the ‘New Left’.  
Selected Publications:
Querying/ Queering Cosmopolitanism: Queer Spaces in Shanghai’. Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research, 4, 2012.  
‘Queer Comrades: Transnational Popular Culture, Queer Sociality and Socialist Legacy’. English Language Notes, 49 (1), 2011: 131-137.
‘People’s Park: the Politics of Naming and the Right to the City’. Matthew Ball and Burkhard Scherer (ed.) Queer Paradigm II: Interrogating Agendas. Oxford: Peter Lang Publishers, 2011: 115-132.  
‘Enlightenment Space, Affective Space: Travelling Queer Film Festivals in China’. Mikako Iwatake (ed.) Gender, Mobility and Citizenship in Asia. Renvall Institute Publications 26, University of Helsinki Press, 2010: 174-205.  
‘LGBT Issues in China’. Chuck Steward (ed.) The Greenwood Encyclopedia of LGBT Issues Worldwide. Vol. 1. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC CLIO, 2010: 355-373.  


Dr Çakırlar is currently working on his monograph, Queer Depth of Turkey: Aesthetics of Glocal, Erotics of Translation. The project covers a wide selection of contemporary art practices in Turkey and focuses on modes of queer aesthetics in an international/global context. His co-edited book Cinsellik Muamması explores cultures of sexual dissidence in Turkey, questioning the global travel and politics of sexual identity categories. The English version is currently under preparation. He also continues to work on “cinephilia in Ming Wong’s art practice”, “film aesthetics in Leo Bersani - Ulysse Dutoit collaboration”, and “erotics of flowers in Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography”. He is currently translating Judith Butler’s Bodies That Matter (1993) into Turkish.    
Selected Publications:
"Troubled Objects of Militarism, Masculinity and Nationalism,” Understanding Media and Culture in Turkey: Histories, Structures, Voices, edited by Christian Christensen and Miyase Christensen, New York and London: Routledge, 2013 (forthcoming).
 “Catalogue Note on Taner Ceylan’s 1879 (2011)  & “Catalogue Note on Taner Ceylan’s Cage of Flesh (2012),” both co-authored with Serkan Delice, Sotheby’s Contemporary Art / Turkish, London: Sotheby’s, 2011-2012, 16-7.


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