Mental Health

Simon Cross is the author of a number of studies showing how images of madness and 'mad folk' remain central to the popular imagination.In particular, his work focuses on change and continuity in the cultural image of madness.  
Selected PublicationsMediating Madness: Mental Distress and Cultural Representation, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
Laughing at Lunacy: Othering and ambiguity in historical and contemporary comic representations of mental distress. To appear in Social Semiotics (in press)  

Bedlam in Mind: Seeing and Reading Historical Images of Madness. European Journal of Cultural Studies. Volume 15(1) February, pp. 19-34, 2012
Jumping to Conclusions: Why the ‘copycat’ theory on suicide coverage is a ‘conceptual red herring. Ethical Space, Vol. 4: 19-24, 2008
Visualizing Madness: Mental Illness and Popular Representation, Television and New Media. No. 5.1, pp. 197-216, 2004 


David Kidner is interested in the relations between mental health and environmental characteristics. 
Selected publications:  
“Fraud, fiction, and fantasy in environmental writing.” Environmental Ethics, 27(4), Winter 2005, 391 – 410.  
“Reuniting psyche and nature”, Spring Journal, 76(2), Fall 2006, 1 – 19.  
“Depression and the natural world: Towards a critical ecology of psychological distress”. International Journal of Critical Psychology, 19, Spring 2007, 123 - 146.  
“Rewilding the restorer”. In Marcus Hall (ed.), Restoration and History (London: Routledge, 2010).


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