Digital Inequalities

Dr Olga Guedes Bailey’s research examines the politics of transnational and alternative communication. Her work focuses on digital cultures as a distinct cultural and political space for transcultural communication practices.
Selected Publications 
Les Pratiques en ligne des diasporas: repersentations de soi et resistance? Migrations Societe, 22 (131): 47-62 Novembre-Decembre, 2010
Reconfiguring Ethnicity: the web as technology of representation and resistance, in M. Christensen, A. Jansson and C. Christensen (eds.) Online territories: Mediated Practice and Social Space. New York: Peter Lang, 2011
Bailey, O. and Coelho, G. P. (2011) Transformaciones en la mediatización y percepciones diferenciadas sobre el concepto de medios de comunicación alternativos: negociaciones y resistencias en las redes sociales tecnológicas”, (journal) La Trama de la Comunicación, UNR Editora, Argentina, Volume15: 257-71

Andreas Wittel explores the political economy of digital media. He publishes on issues such as sharing, free labour and free culture, the digital commons, and intellectual property. He is interested in the relation between value and values and in alternatives to capitalist systems of measurements.
Selected Publications: 

Wittel, A. (2012) Digital Marx. Toward a Political Economy of Distributed Media, tripleC, 10/2, special issue 'Marx is back', edited by C. Fuchs and V. Mosco, 
Wittel, A. (2011) Qualities of Sharing and their Transformations in the Digital Age. International Review of Information Ethics, Vol. 15/015, special issue on 'Ethics of Sharing', 

Wittel, A. (2009) Creating Common Grounds. Opening essay for Reimagining Society Project


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